Aegean Islands in the XVIth Century through the Eyes of an Old Knight: Byzantine Empire Crusaders and Turks
Eski Bir Şövalyenin Gözünden XIV. Yüzyılda Ege Adaları: Bizans İmparatorluğu, Haçlılar ve Türkler

Author : Pınar ÜLGEN -Murat ÇAYLI
Number of pages : 93-102


The Songe du Vieil Pèlerin, penned in 1389, is one of the most important works of Philippe de Mézières, who also participated in several crusaders against the Turks. In the work presented to the young King of France Charles VIth, this old knight gives information about the known world besides his advice on how to rule the kingdom. Most of what he tells is based on his own observations, but when he mentions places he didn’t go, makes reference to other people’s observations. Philippe de Mézières also mentions the Aegean Islands in part of his work. His narrative are not in the form of chronological order of the struggles between Crusader alliances, Byzantine Empire and the Turkish emirates in the XIVth century. In place of this, he focuses more on the attidude of the Orthodox people living in the Aegean Islands towards the Turkish progress, the Byzantine emperors seeking help from the Papacy and the Catholic world’s thoughts on the impending Turkish threat. In this study, after providing information about Philippe de Mézières and his work, the French translation of the relevant section will be presented and evaluated.


XIVth Century, Aegean Islands, Philippe de Mézières, Byzantine Empire, Turkish Emirates.

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