“Tardo and Dog” Concepts in Turkish According to Proverbs and Idioms
Atasözleri ve Deyimlere Göre Türkçedeki “İt ve Köpek” Kavramları

Author : Songül ERDOĞAN
Number of pages : 135-148


Proverbs and idioms are the most important stereotypes that reflect societies' mindset. They give significant clues about the society they belong to. In Turkish culture giving special importance to husbandry, there are lots of proverbs and idioms about animals. The most reflected animal to proverbs and idioms are “tanto, dog”. In the works written during the historical periods of Turkish language, the words tanto and dog are widely used. Nowadays, even though the word “dog” are being prefered as a courtesy statement, in historical texts, the usage of the word “tanto” are common in proverbs and idioms. In proverbs and idioms, by looking at the real meaning, many features of the animal have been revealed. Some of their features have been given to the people through metaphor and the message to be given has been explained by embodying. The words “tanto and dog” whose usage area is considerably expanding have been used widely in proverbs and idioms as measure statement. In this work, firstly, the usage in different periods of the words “tanto and dog” in the historical process are included. The proverbs and idioms including the words “tanto and dog” are tried to be classified in terms of the meanings that they are awakening in peoples’ minds.


Tanto concept, dog concept, proverbs, idioms, the usage of animal name

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