Enver Pasha in The New York Times: (1914-1922)

Author : Yavuz HAYKIR -Vahide ÇETİN
Number of pages : 179-201


Enver Pasha gained the appellations Hero of Freedom, as a member of the Committee of Union and Progress, with his struggle to bring the constitutional regime against despotism, Islamic mujahideen with the success of organizing the Arabs against the Italians in Trupoli, and Conqueror of Edirne as he conquered Edirne in Balkan War. Shortly after Enver Pasha became the Minister of War, Ottoman Empire participated in the First World War. Enver Pasha, who made himself known with his previous promotion sandachievements, became popular in the national and international press with his decisions and statements from the beginning of the First World War to the end as the Minister of War. In order to answer the question of how Enver Pasha, who served his country for 16 years during the collapse of the Ottoman State, between 1918-1922 was reflected in the external press, the New York Times has been examined. This study was carried out to find out the image of Enver Pasha attributed by the World public opinion.


Enver Pasha, The New York Times, World War I, Germany, Russia, Britain, Turkistan

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