The Status of Turkish in Germany with the Environments That it is tried To Be Used, Taught, and Developed in: The Kelsterbach Example (1)
Kullanıldığı, Öğretildiği ve Geliştirilmeye Çalışıldığı Ortamlarla Almanya’daki Türkçenin Durumu: Kelsterbach Örneği

Author : Meryem ARSLAN
Number of pages : 247-277


The topic of this study is the Turkish used within the boundaries of the Kelsterbach Municipality. In the first section, the topic was discussed in terms of the Turkish in Kelsterbach in respect to the four language skills; its certain dialect features and meaning properties. The materials of the study were gathered with the observation and investigation technique. The reason why it was conducted in a confined space was the thought that the overlooked/unnoticed details in the studies on the Turkish in Germany could be mentioned more. The goal of the study is to contribute to the work on the determination and education of the properties of the Turkish in Germany.


Kelsterbach, Turks and Turkısh, dialects differences, false equivalences, vocabulary


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