The Economic Richness of Turkey in the Seljuk Period, The Causes and Consequences of the Stretching of this Richness

Author : Yaşar BEDİRAHN
Number of pages : 252-260


Turkey Seljuk State, after long wars and turmoil, XII. And XIII. In the 20th century, political stability first followed by economic refuge. The authors of devrin about the wealth and wealth reached by the country gave various information. In Selçuklu Turkey, the role of the political crisis that falls into the state in the trade of trade is great. The Seljuk State of Turkey experienced its most prosperous period during the reign of I. Alaaddin Keykubad (1220-1237). He fell into a downturn after death, and then fell into a devastation cycle. This situation is summarized by the devra historian Ibn Bibi, saying, "The order of the country is inferior." A narration of Şemseddîn Ahmad al-Eflaqi al-Arifî (d.1360) also depicts the difference between the period Alaaddin Keykubad (1220-1237) and the subsequent periods in a beautiful way. According to this rumor; Baha Veled (Ö.1231), Alaaddin Keykubad (1220-1237) saw a dream that he saw; "People will live comfortably in your time ... they will be precious like gold in your time, in the silver of your sons, in the time of their grandkids, they will fall to the bronze rank, and they will be low and wretched people." Turkey, which is in the position of Ilhanlılar (1256-1353), became a country where very heavy taxes were collected, governors appointed by Ilkhanis or robbers were robbed by heavy taxes.


Turkey Seljuks, Trade, Mongols, Anatolia, Babailer

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