Seljukian-Armenian Relations in Caucasus Region Between The Years 1015 - 1064

Author : Zekiye TUNÇ
Number of pages : 307-315


Chaghri Beg made the first significant expedition to Caucasia. After moving towards the west over Azerbaijan, Seljukians were seen in the fields of Armenian Vasbouragan Kingdom around the Lake Van together with Turkmens. This dealt a blow to the power of Armenian Kingdom. Their significant achievements were the initial indicators of that Anatolia would be the homeland of Turkmens. After Chaghri Beg, Sultan Tugrul attacked Armenian and Georgian lands by leading his commanders to Caucasia. He arranged conquests for the mountainous terrains of Armenia and Azerbaijan. Thus, the activities towards Caucasia beginning with Chaghri Beg expanded remarkably during the reign of Tugrul Beg. Seljukians struggle with Armenians, led to an early intervention of Byzantine, who did not want to lose its eastern regions. Turkmen settlements which started in Caucasia, led Byzantine to push its military power towards the East. Byzantine – Seljukian relations got into a period of close combat. As a consequence of all these attempts, we can say that Caucasia expeditions of Seljukians, and conquest of the region accelerated the process of the Turks’ settling in Anatolia.


Seljukians, Caucasia, Armenians, Chaghri Beg, Tugrul Beg


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