Tanzimat Sonrası Osmanlı Kadını
Tanzimat Sonrası Osmanlı Kadını

Author : Sefika Buyuksahin
Number of pages : 284-295


The Ottoman state started to enter new era with the Tanzimat period. This era is the time when modernization began and had experienced changes in every field.This change had also affected the Ottoman woman. In this period, feminism,nationalism, freedom, liberty, woman righ etc. iddeas started to exist and locate slowly in Ottoman society. Social rank, wearing, joining of social life, behaviours in society of Muslim woman started to change. Ottoman women tryed announcing their voices through the press. They examined Western women and wanted to have the same rights that Western women had. Pioneer and intellectual women tryed to train Ottoman women with press. In this era, women, Joined work life, wanted have the same rights as men, joined education, changed clothes style. Also in this modernization era women provided joining to social life with establishing a lot of associations


Woman, Westernization, Modernization.


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