The Timar Regimi in Modova Sanjak
Modova Sancağında Tımar Rejimi

Author : murat serdaroğlu
Number of pages : 219-229


While Modova was a small nahiye in the province of Timisoara in 1554, it had a status of a sanjak in 1569 as it was written in the registration books. Moldova was linked to Modova Sanjak and the towns of Moldova, Bitilnik- Skopje . In this study, 1573-1574 timar-tax registration books and the 1582-1583 timar-tax registration books have been compared. In comparison, it has been noticed that the tax revenue in 1573-1574 was 473.263 akce as total and 445.581 out of this total was distrubuted as dirlik (land tax).In 1582-1583, the tax revenue increased to 517,420 akce, of which 486,241 akce were distributed as dirlik ( land tax) in sanjak. In accordance with the increased tax revenue the amount of dirlik (land tax) distribution was also increased. In the study, the timar icmal registration books have been examined accordance with the tax income distribution as in the forms of has (peculiar), zeamet (vassalage) and timar, and the owners of timar and their tasks have also been studied.


Modova Sanjak, Ottoman State, Timar System, Timisoara Province


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