Author : NEVZAT TOPAL - Doç. Dr. Gülin Öztürk
Number of pages : 154-171


The first printing house in Niğde was founded in 1922. With the development of the printing press, the life of Niğde began to improve. The first newspaper to be identified in Niğde is Feryad Newspaper. A total of 7 of this newspaper can be accessed. Apart from this, between 1924-1931, Müdafaa, Nida, Niğde, Tatlıdil, Bilgi, Official Niğde newspapers and Güzel Mecmua and İlkadım magazines were published in Niğde. Feryad Newspaper was published on 13th July 1924. However, it was shown that the name of the newspaper changed to Nigde towards the end of 1925. We will review the copies that we are able to make with the name of Feryad. The oldest number that we could reach with the name Feryad is the 2nd issue on 24th July 1340/1924. The last number we have reached is 1 January 1925 25th issue. The name of the newspaper was changed to Niğde in the 13th January 1926 issue of the Niğde Newspaper. The newspaper is published weekly and all issues are 4 pages. Expert from local news and their explanation, they were told about the news in Anadolu Agency, where they used the news. More, it was said Niğde's political, cultural, economic, sports, health and so on. characteristics. In the first years of the Republic, the owner of a printing house belonging to Daire-i Mahsusa (Special Provincial Administration) in Niğde was the first newspaper in this field. For this reason, in our study, we produced the first newspaper in the life of Niğde Press.


Nigde, Press, Feryad, Newspaper


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