The Effect of Steppe Culture on Coming up Trade Roads
Bozkır Kültürünün Ticaret Yollarının Ortaya Çıkışına Etkisi

Author : Kürşat Koçak
Number of pages : 119-129


The Effect of Steppe Culture on Coming up Trade Roads The baseline of economy in stepe culture is consisted of herds products. Besides, other kinds of products, such as metal and wood, were being produced. While the amount of herds products were a lot, the amount of other products were not enough. Especially, fort his reason the residents of steppe culture learned how the trade. Offer and request is essential for trade. Turkısh exchanged their goods for their other needs. The products, metal and other stuff were sold in the fields around the the migration roads between the East and the West. These roads emerged in the plain places where the nature is suitable for transportation. And then metal, jewellery and other products were sold around these roads after money Exchange was started. Also, around these roads, people started to carry goods with caravans. The world’s civilizations history changed thanks to the silk roads, where is between Atlantic ocean and Pasific ocean, about ten thousand kilometer. Turks lived in the cross roads and strategic transit points of these roads. Turks were the important figures of this trade and had a voice until these trade roads extended over the seas.


Key Words: Turks, Steppe, Trade, Silk Road


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