Author : Cemile TEKİN - Yılmaz ALTUNSOY
Number of pages : 69-85


The territory of the Kingdom of Romania, consisted of the unification of the principalities of Eflak, Boğdan and Erdel in 1881, XV. Century. It was taken under the patronage of the Ottoman Empire since the 19th century. II. Bayezit received Bashdan's Kili Akkerman fortresses and Besarabia; the Turks were brought from here from Anatolia. Romanian, until the first quarter of the XX. Century was the country that was tolerant of the Turkish minority living within the Balkan countries. This was not subjected to genocide or assimilation by Romanian governments. The Turks of Romania were disturbed by the negative behavior of the Vlachs and Kuchovaks who were settled in their region after 1930. As long as the source of the problems in the Kingdom of Romania was not the Romanian government, the ineffectiveness and inadequacy of the Romanian government affected the comfort of the Turks who were forced to immigrate to Turkey as the main residence. The only lucky side of the Turks who migrated from Romania was the fact that due to the understanding and tolerance of the Romanian government, they have taken their movable goods with them. Between the years of 1931-1944, the Embassy in Romania who had made Hamdullah Suphi Bey, have been concerned with the problems of the Romanian Dobrogea and facilitated Muslims who have migrated to Turkey; thousands of Turks, came from Romania to Turkey. Young Republic of Turkey in this period, but opened up its doors to her compatriots who want to take refuge in and co-religionists, especially and conditions which can be transported to Turkey by tangible assets from the country of origin has given priority to the more severe. Turks are from Romania, as they are productive, and relatively more educated there and both due to their having the opportunity to bring with them their goods the said countries transpired that Mass migrations, supported by Turkey and incoming refugees were resettled in various places. Our article, in relation to the same subject, is distinguished in terms of the fact that the very precious works written before it, especially the news that are reflected in the presses of the period, are emphasized and the migrants are giving weight to the ways of suffering


93 War, Forced Migration, Dobrogea, Romania, Mr. Hamdullah Suphi


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