Religious Actor of the Relentless Work against the Kathar’s Heresy: St. Dominican and Dominican Order
Kathar Sapkınlığına Karşı Amansız Mücadelenin Dini Aktörü: Aziz Dominik ve Dominikan Tarikatı

Author : murat serdaroğlu
Number of pages : 278-287


Saint Dominic, who came to the world at a time when medieval Europe was beginning to renew itself, had an important place in the eyes of Christians, both in their lifestyle and in their work in the religious arena. Saint Dominic, who described many myths about birth and life, has assigned his life to Christianity. The greatest desire of St. Dominic was to establish a religious sect against the Katharans, a heretical belief that was influential in Europe. They have already struggled against heretics for many years with their supporters around them. In 1215, he will express his wishes for years in the Council at Rome, but he will not accept the request because the circumstances are not available. However, on 1216 Pope III. Innocent has approved the establishment of the order. In this study, We will try to find answers to the questions about the reasons of establishment of the Dominican Order and the influence on religious groups and society of the founder's personality.


Sain Dominic, Cathars, Dominican Order, Medieval Europe, Herestic


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