MPs of Sivas and their activities in the second term of TBMM
II. Dönem TBMM'deki Sivas Milletvekilleri

Author : Mustafa Özyürek
Number of pages : 142-159


Sivas is one of Anatolia the most important crossroads throughout history, and geopolitical position has maintained this reputation and the importance of mobility. National Struggle of the turning points of the Sivas Congress, as well as Representative Committee also has been the home for a while. Grand National Assembly of the extraordinary developments such as the opening and maintaining of the War of Independence occurred while natural local political events in the city is not much on the agenda. However, I created after the elections in 1923, representing the period in question in the National Assembly deputies have taken on different issues in parliament and zoning, housing, problems in the administrative and economic areas were raised.


Sivas, National Struggle, Politics, Parliament, Deputies


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