The Role of the Aragon Kingdom in the Fall of Andalusia
Endülüs’ün Düşüşünde Aragon Krallığı’nın Rolü

Author : Seyhun Şahin - - Fatih SANSAR
Number of pages : 165-178


The name of the “Andalusia” which corresponds to geographic region where there are countries like Portugal and Spain in present day world was given to the penisulas of Iberian by Muslims in 711 after the actions of conquests. The area living golden age in point of science, art and culture after the conquest of Andalusia by Muslims hosted countless political struggles. In this study, on the subject of loss of the geography of Andalusia which hosted Muslims for a long time like eight century, the role of the Aragon Kingdom, which appeared as a county firstly and then transformed into a kingdom, on Andalusian Spain will be mentioned. Andalusia and the political adventure of Muslims who lived in Andalusia will be mentioned shortly.


Andalusia, Spain, Reconquista, The Kingdom of Aragon


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