1101 Yılında Türk-Haçlı Mücadelelerinin Anadolu Tarihindeki Önemi
The Importance at the Anatolian History of Turk-Crusade Struggle in the year of 1101 A.D.

Author : - Gürhan Bahadır,
Number of pages : 77-108


After Papa Urban II had made speech at the Clermont Council on 27th November 1095 A.D., the Crusades army was began to establish in Europe in order to capture the sacred places from Turks. Thereafter the Crusades gained importance with regards to both the World History and Anatolian History. On the other hand the 1101 Crusades were fulfilled the because of providing with man power and military forces founded in the east in 1100 the huge Crusade army was established in Europe due to Papa Pascalis II’s speech in the beginning of 1101 three Crusade armies set on a journey from Europe and came to Contantinople one by one and then were crossed over Anatolia by the assistance of Byzantine Empire. Thus, Anatolian army, which consisted of joinning the Anatolian citizens under Turks’ commanders was established against of the huge Crusade army. The Anatolian army defeated the three Crusades armies, which came succession in the months of July, August and September of 1101. The Crusades armies which came to Anatolian land had aspired to take out the Turks from Anatolian land. But these armies were defeated by Turk army. Thus at the turkization of Anatolian was gone through an important phase. At this article we utiuzated the written on 1101 Crusades by Albert of Aachen and Işın Demirkent and other sources which involved the knowledge of 1101 Crusades. Thus we tried to emerge the importance at the Anatolian history of 1101 Crusades.


Key Words: Crusades, Turks, Anatolian


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