Hesse'de Kutupluluk

Author : Ayşe Demirel - -
Number of pages : 49-55


Hermann Hesse believes the unity of life and the necessity of opposite things which constitute this unity. Hesse sensed the polarity all his life, and aimed to put together everything that looks opposite in each other. In fact the issues which lay under his world view and his struggles are knotted in polarity. The polarity of life is discussed in Hesse's all works. His aim is to show the unity behind polarity. In his works in which he processes the polarity densely, Hesse sets about life as unity and indicates polarities. He states that it is possible to achieve universality from individuality and gain an objective point of view when we synthesis polarity. In his works, Hesse creates converse characters who experience tensions between opposite values, and he benefites from eastern cultures and doctrines in order to achieve this synthesis. The aim of this study is to show the sense of polarity issue, to find a solution for this problem, and to reflect the stages of feeling the soul of unity.


Polarity, Unity Of Existence, Indian Culture, China Philosophy, Buddhism


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