Hesse'nin Din Anlayışı

Author : Ayşe Demirel - -
Number of pages : 56-61


As having parents who are so closely linked with their religion that they could even bear missionary duty, Hermann Hesse was brought up in hard Christian principles. As a matter of fact the reason why these two person came closer, was their duty of missionary. In such an ambiance, it is certain that Hermann Hesse's conception of religion will be shaped accordingly to his own religion. But his opinion of liberty and individualistic aspect, cannot resist to be in collide with the dogmatism of Christian. His parent's close connection with East culture and faiths offers possibilities of solution to Hermann Hesse who never compromises his belonging to the Western world. Hermann Hesse thinks that The Eastern cultures and faiths are alternatives for Christianity in which he founds some imperfections, and he charges functions to these cultures and faiths that can supply reforms in Christianity. It is thought that this dilemma is the main reason of the effects which can commonly be seen in Hermann Hesse's works. On this account, the aim of this research is to explicate and to represent Hermann Hesse's religion approach.


Religion, Christianity, Dogmatism, Eastern culture, Eastern Religions


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