A Natural Result Of East-West Trade That Was Developed Crusade Period: Cultural Interaction

Author : Zeynep GÜNGÖRMEZ
Number of pages : 123-130


The "merchant" is the most important factor of cultural exchange in the middle ages. Merchants who commuters between east and west not only move merchandise, but only move civilization. In the period before the Crusades, the known, Italian merchants that Venice, Genoa and Pisa rarely come and go to the East. This trade luxury transportation of goods in society can only buy bourgeois is awakened curiosity about Eastern products. As a result of the commencement of the Crusades when the Christians settled in the eastern Mediterranean, they have never seen before, the presence of many commercial commodity has been voiced by researchers. In our study, we have talked about the Crusades and the Eastern Mediterranean from the Italian city-states in the region have established trading colonies where semi-autonomous conduct commercial activities. we can say that this colony where they plant a living among the people of the region is an inevitable interaction with the Italians were concerned, and as a result, both sides have learned a lot from each other. The most concrete examples of cultural interaction in everyday life, the behavior of both sides can be easily seen when examined. Common nomenclature of merchandise, clothing and food similarities in style, architecture and many other elements of the establishment referred to in forms of interaction can be seen. Various industrial products, especially in the West and in the East had seen in plants that imitation or just move to Europe, we face a situation in which the source is subject. It is shown that among the facilities as sugar production, dyeing workshop and especially the glass industry.


The Crusaders, Italian, Trade, Interaction, Eastern Mediterranean


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