Wiring Of Telegraph Line to Develi

Author : Mehmet SÜME
Number of pages : 75-84


Communication was very important for the Ottoman State that had widespread borders. Courier organization which goes back to Göktürks was taken as an example at this topic. During the Süleyman the Magnificent era, a menzil organization was founded. The menzil organization can be defined as accommodation stations. Foundation of the Ministry of Post was a turning point in communication by the Tanzimat in the 19th century. Telegraph had been used in Europe and America in 1853 and after a short time –in 10 years- it was started to be used in the Ottoman State. Administrative, military and commercial reasons played a role in popularization of telegraph countrywide and it was effective in wiring telegraph line to Develi. It took about 14 years to wire up telegraph line to Develi because of financial and bureaucratic obstacles. With the help of Develi people and this public’s insistence on this issue, these obstacles were coped and telegraph line were wired to Develi in October 1903.


Develi, Telegraph, Courier Association, The Menzil Organization


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