Samosata in Medieval Age

Author : - Mustafa Alican,Taner Yıldırım
Number of pages : 52-67


Sümeysat (Samosata) which it has a past that rooted in prehistorical times, was hosted numerous cultures and civilisations and also witnessed many social and political structures throughout its long history. The city, although not a central place in an important section of its history, has a special importance because of it exists in a geography which became a place that happened there endless struggle of sovereignity for the domination of Fırat-Dicle Basin. Especially, there was fought in this area initially Byzatines and Parthians, and after Muslims and Byzantines during medieval ages. There is an unstability in Sümeysat out of its naturel and political positions and couldn’t a permanent order in there for these reasons. In our paper, we’ll examine the historical process of Sümeysat which is a district of Adıyaman and now it sleep under the barrage of Atatürk and try to build an entire city narrative.


Samosata, Sümeysat, Commagene, city, medieval age.


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