According to Niğdeli Kadı Ahmed, Niğde and Its Surroundings (13-14th Century)
Niğdeli Kadı Ahmed’e Göre Niğde ve Çevresi (13-14. Yüzyıl)

Number of pages : 78-92


It is because Niğde and its surroundings have had a safe place throughout the history. The reason for this is that Niğde and its surroundings will be located on important transit routes. For this reason, the desires of the powers who want to dominate Anatolia have been constantly captured in this region. The city and its surroundings have hosted many civilizations throughout history. It is observed that the Niğde environment continued to maintain its importance with the entry into Turkish domination. As one of the important provinces of the Turkey Seljuk State, it is seen that many reconstruction and settlement activities have been carried out in the rapidly developing city. Niğde has been an important center since the beginning of the Turkish domination and has continued this feature until today. In this article, Niğde and its surroundings have been evaluated according to the work of Kadı Ahmed, one of the very limited number of local sources from the Turkey Seljuks. The fact that Kadi Ahmed was born and lived in Niğde makes the city's information very important. The author, who is a cadi, also shows us that he knows the functioning mechanism of the state and the provincial administration unit well. In line with the work of Kadı Ahmed, the end of the 13th century and the first half of the 14th century were tried to be revealed.


Niğde, Kadı Ahmed, El-Veledü’ş-Şefik, Provincial Administration, Darü'l-pehlivaniye.

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