Ali Nazmi’s Poems About War In “Literature Newspaper”
Ali Nazmi’nin “Edebiyat Gazetesi”nde Savaşla İlgili Çıkan Şiirleri

Author : Huseyn Ahmadov
Number of pages : 60-69


After German suddenly invaded the USSR, a mobilization was declared in the whole USSR. This mobilization was not restricted with military area but applied in all fields in The Soviet Union. In this term, especially press organs were very active. From the top on down, newspapers and magazines wrote articles of hatred against fascism, which invited people to the war and supported soldiers in front. Like all countries in the USSR, the main point of press organs in Azerbaijan also focused on the World War II. Writers treated the war in literature. Especially, life of soldiers in front and people in rear front were literarily treated in “Literature Newspaper”. Poets and writers like Samad Vurgun, Osman Sarıvelli, Mirjalal Pashayev, Resul Rza, Mirvarid Dilbazi, Nigar Refibeyli, Abdulla Şaik wrote about the war in “Literature Newspaper”. One of writers who often wrote in the newspaper was Ali Nazmi. In his poets like, “Qess’in Hitler’ə Cavabı”, “‘Fürrer’ Sarsaqlamış”, “Hitler’dən Qess’ə Məktub”, “Hitler Zəfərdən Dəm Vurur”, “Hitler Əldə Allah’ı Həncər Etmək İstəyir”, “İstiqamət Berlin’ə!” the Germen government is criticised; Hitler and his high-ranking officers and other important men of the government are also mocked. In this article Ali Nazmi’s literary works will be briefly mentioned and his poems he wrote in Literature Newspaper in the period of World War II, will be treated.


Ali Nazmi, Azerbaijan, Literature Newspaper, poetry, war

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