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Korea is a peninsular country, locates at the north eastern corner of Asia, ruled by numerous dynasties throughout her history. China to the west and Russia to the north Korea has two major neighbours; also at the east and south facing with the Japan islands. Old Joseon, the first established Korean state had significant continuing effects in the history of the country and the collapse of that state by Han Dynasty China was a turning point. After that invasion, while four Chinese administrative regions were established in Korea which led to spread the Chinese culture that is still felt in the country; particularly Confucianism left a great impress in Korea from trade to industry and also social life to education. In Korea, the lack of an advanced monetary system and instead of it using all kinds of goods in tax collection and trading caused so many difficulties in transporting them. Relating to its geographical location largest tides of the world in that region not only prevented the improvement of maritime but also caused shipwrecks. Although all of them had shown a negative image, regions that the warehouses were established in, at the banks of the sea and river, developed in the economical sense and ceramics industry. Furthermore the ceramics were recovered from shipwrecks helped us to obtain important information about the ceramics of that period. In 1370’s the introduction of cotton seed to the county by a Korean intellectual, who visited South China, led the production of thread that would revolutionize Korea’s clothing. Silk production was always encouraged by the dynasties in Korea where fabric of silk was considered sacred. In Korea, commercial relations with the outside world. The sword production also took a crucial place, but through the teachings of Confucianism, in other words, despite her strong neighbours, its (Confucianism) refusing tolerate the war made the sword masters to leave the country that was caused a stagnation in sword production. Our subject in this study, preparing by using mainly foreign sources is Korea’s improvement during the historical process, also her geographical location and conditions; and her being shaped by means of the adoption of Chinese culture after Chinese invasion in medieval era.


Dynasty, Confucianism, seladon, ceramics, silk

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