ATATÜRK PERIOD RELIGION APPLICATIONS (1923-1938) (Comments, Critics, Reviews)
ATATÜRK DÖNEMİ DİN UYGULAMALARI (1923-1938) (Yorumlar, Eleştiriler, Değerlendirmeler)

Number of pages : 306-320


Atatürk's understanding of religion innovation, superstition, religion is against the interests and political interests to be part of. The truth of the religion of the Turkish people wanted to live and learn correctly. In this manner a proper and adequate religious education of the people wanted to get in and considered to be made in the school of education as the only means of achieving it. Even elementary schools “The Lessons of The Religion of The Child of The Republic” the book was given. Wanted to guarantee freedom of conscience and religion and secularism. Based on this, in the Caliphate, madrasas, Tashi and interdicted, fortune telling, necromancy, concepts have been removed. Ataturk wanted to prevent the abuse of religion. Religion has not permitted any time with the politics of perception and he wanted to continue as the State policy in this situation. Ataturk, Turkey and in the Islamic world by opening a way out of bondage and despair has done the greatest service to Islam and the Islamic World. At the same time, pioneered the struggle for independence in other Muslim countries. Ataturk ignorance, innovation, superstition and religion is the opposite of the abuser. This has tried to create a perception in some circles in the form of religious hostility. In fact, Atatürk, in the time of Hz.Muhammad Islam has been on the side of true. Established the Department of Religious Affairs of the Republic, the first Turkish translation and exegesis of the Quran, hadith books was printed. Elmalılı Hamdi Yazır's interpretation and translation and the hadith of Bukhari were distributed free all over Turkey. By understanding the religion of the Muslim Turkish people can perform mosques Turkish Quarn, Turkish sermons and Turkish azan. The conduct of Religious Affairs and the Directorate of Religious Affairs was also established in order to end the abuse of religion. These studies were important for understanding the main sources of learning and religion there have been proper and effective steps accurately. Learn from the real sources of these steps of the Turkish nation made great contributions to the religion. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the Turkish largest Quran commentaries,to prepare the pulpit in the mosque found the only address to the nation by a statesman. Religion, according to Ataturk, the Turkish nation is one of the values that sustains and needs to be understood and correctly implemented by the community. Atatürk is a leader who has shown a huge effort for this.


Key words: Atatürk period, religion, secularism, religious education.


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