Author : Mehmet SÜME
Number of pages : 128-149


Azerbaijani press covered political, religious and social issues since its foundation. Thanks to the Azerbaijani press, there was a growing consciousness about nationalism among Azerbaijani Turks. There are three important institutions which provide this development in Azerbaijan. They are the press, theatre and schools which were founded as a result of innovation activities. Hasan Bey Zerdabi, Mirza Fethali Ahundzade and poet Hacı Said Azim Şirvani established these institutions. Work before 1905 was the stage of preparation for the Azerbaijani press. Turkish newspapers were published as a supplement to Russian newspapers in the beginning; but later Ekinci -a newspaper- was the turning point in consciousness about nationalism not only in Azerbaijan but also in all of the Turkish countries on August 4, 1875. Newspapers called “Ziya” and “Keşkül” which were published later disseminated ideology of nationalism in Azerbaijan. Intellectuals influenced future Azerbaijani policy through the press.


Azerbaijan, Press, Ekinci, Nationalism.

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