Author : Ahsen SAÇLI
Number of pages : 316-327


In this study, the two principal factors, environment and technology and its political scopes, which dominate some cases such as economic, social, political issues, were examined. On the point of view of life on earth the effects are very important that the concepts of local, regional, national and international levels have decisive characteristics. In this research environment and technology policies at the international level and their mutual interactions have been discussed. Throughout the history, increased remarkable way the development of environmental problems as a result of many developments such as technological progress, increasing industrialization, the industrialization of agriculture, as the cause of environmental problems caused by technology is to be displayed. Although there are various opinions on this issue, are essentially two opposing views stand out. The first opinion is direct or indirect source of all environmental problems connected with the technological developments. The other, technology was not responsible for all issues and technology can also overcome problems arising from the technology. In the framework of to produce solutions to the problems caused by the progress of technology, many technologies are developed. However, these technologies are standing sector-specific and local level. Should be addressed at the global level, to produce global solutions for environmental problems are necessary. The important parameter of developed and underdeveloped country distinction is that can produce the technology. As well as the capacity of technology development and being able to use the technology, being able to convert to the social benefit these issue, defining characteristic of the developed country. Within the framework of development policies of governments, development of so strong and viable science and technology policies and those policies should be given particular attention to the environmental values. To implement these policies at local, regional, national and international cooperation and solidarity at all levels, from the requirement to the contents of environment and technology subjects are compulsory. This research is mainly based on literature review and ethical and political dimensions of environment and technology concepts are discussed, attention is drawn particularly to the international dimension.


Environment, Technology, Development, Underdevelopment, Environmental Policies, Technology Policies

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