The Two Turkish Lengths Competing for Bureaucracy in the Khanate of Hokand (Ferghana): Kipchaks and Kyrgyz

In the Fergana Valley, which is considered as the heart of Turkestan geography and home to various civilizations, a Turkish state was established under the name of Khanate of Hokand at the beginning of the 19th century. Originally founded by the dynasty of Uzbek (Ming), this khanate has gained a different character in the process. The Kyrgyz, which was particularly influential in the military field, provided that the Hokand Khanate was called Khanate of Kyrgyz because of they were crowded. The Kyrgyz, who played an important role in the establishment of this state, embarked on a ruthless bureaucracy race against Kipchaks in the process. These two lengths determined which prince should rise to the throne. Neither the hostile attitude of the Bukhara Khanate nor the threatening approach of Russia influenced the movement of these two lengths. This bureaucracy race, which may be the subject of a large-scale research, was briefly evaluated in our study.


Hokand Khanate, Kyrgyz, Kipchaks, Müslumankul, Hudayar Khan

Author : İlker Türkmen
Number of pages: 157-165
Full text:
Cappadocia Journal of History and Social Sciences
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