Mecelle-i Ahkâm-ı Adliye Muharriri: Abdüssettâr Kırımî
Author of the Mecelle: Abdüssettâr Kırımî

Number of pages : 102-109


Abstract Abdussettar Kırımî who migrated to Anatolia after the Crimean War, has completed his education in Istanbul and started civil servants in the Ottoman Ilmiye Organization. According to archival documents, he worked in various missions of the religious court of the Ottoman State. In 1887, Abdussettar Kırımî, whom appointed as the Mullah of Mekka, has passed away in Taif. Abdussetttar Kırımî, who has been a canon law professor in Law School for many years, is one of the specialist most admired by Ahmet Cevdet Pasha. He was a member of the Mecelle-i Ahkâm-ı Adliye Community, which was one of the most important landmark of Turkish law history, and he was also among the authors of 14, 15 and 16 books of Mecelle. Abdussettar Kırımî, which we have briefly given the biography of, has four published books: “Teşrîhu Kavaidi'l Külliyye fi’l Ahkâmi’l Fer'iyyeti'l Ameliyye”, “Medhâl-i Fıkıh”, “Mecelle Şerh-i Teşrih” and one of them has been published by Ahmet Cevdet Pasha in the name of “Tenbîhu’r Rukûd alâ enne’l-İmzâ’e mine’l-Kazâ fi’l-Kısâs ve’l-Hudûd”, all of them have reached today.


Key Words: Abdussettar Kırımî, Ahmet Cevdet Pasha, Mecelle.


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