Theater Activities of Community Centersand the Example of Sinop Community Center
Halkevlerinin Tiyatro Faaliyetleri ve Sinop Halkevi Örneği

Author : Hakan Yaşar
Number of pages : 64-79


Abstract The main purposes of community centers, one of the most important institutions of cultural and public education, were to explain Atatürk’s principles and reforms to the masses and to make them adopt, to illuminate peoplein every aspect and to facilitate the adaptation of modernization process to people. First opened on February 19th, 1932in 14 provinces, community centers spread through the whole country for a short time and the number of community centers has reached to 478 in 1951 during which they have been closed down. Beginning operations as a ring in community centers on June 24, 1932, Sinop Community Center has become a major cultural center of Sinop in a short time. Operating activities with nine branches in all areas related to social and cultural life, Sinop Community Center has particularly carried out successful work in the field of theater. Displaying 55 different theatre scenes 134 timessince 1932 to the end of 1944 as far as it was determined, Sinop Community Center contributed to the formation of a theater culture in Sinop. In this study, theater activities of Sinop community center will be carried out and described with a chronological narrative. In addition to this, this study can be a source for the history of Turkish theater as well as historical studies carried out on the socio-cultural life of Sinop.


Keywords: Community Centers, Sinop Community Center, Representative Branch, Theatre.


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