Picture From Modernism to Postmodernism in the Light of Picasso

Author : Bülent Kara
Number of pages : 31-41


This article is the product of trying to differentiate and understand art, through the distinction between two different styles with the distinction between modernizm and postmodernizm. Because, sociologically understanding art’s, especially art of painting’s reaction to the situation of humanity is considered to be important. More significantly, art, which is both a sociological element of society’s and a primary psychological need, could only be understood much more proparly with this way. Gaining momentum from this point, it is expected that this study reaches more closely to the answer of “why we have to make sociological analysis of art?”. Before mentioning the two different styles of art (modern interpretation and postmodern interpretation), an analysis about the originality of postmodernizm will be made. To discuss the originality of postmodernizm as an human situation or analyzing why such a situation is considered, firstly modernizm will be considered. Within this conceptualization, modernization as a title will be analyzed. While Modernization will be examined as two sided approach with justifications, postmodernizm, which is considered by some people as a temporary trend, will be examined together with its peculiarities as a new era with justifications. In this study, art is seen as an important distinction tool to understand modern and postmodern sitiuations. In both crises (modern and postmodern), the situation is about humanity in which memorized acceptances and structures are demolished within the title of art nouveau and with the leadership of art. These important changes can be seen sometimes in brush strokes, sometimes in notes and sometimes in architecture and in other different forms of art. To understand this change from modern art to postmodern art and its social results, through “art of painting”, is the limit of this article. So, the next title of this study, the distinctions between modernizm and postmodernizm, will tried to be described clearly through art of painting. Art’s movement to postmodernizm from modernizm will tried to be observed through canvas. This study advises to rethink about the Picasso who is decisively and already considered as a modern painter. How right is to squeeze in Picasso, who has thought the idea of “Art for Art” was joke and not so much loyal to modernizm as his contemporary collegues, to modernist structures? The plurality and dynamism in his works, colorfulness in its form, conflicts in style, makes a person to think that he is a “modern painter” is a hasty interpretation. Thus, lastly, the intense postmodern scents of Picasso’s work, which include the main reason of this article, will be followed and the position of Picasso in modern painter lists will be opened to discussion.


Modernism, Postmodernism, Art, Picture,picasso


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