Army Hospitals in Ottoman Empire

Author : Merve Pabuççu
Number of pages : 85-100


Hospitals have an important place both for public and military health. Here, accorning to the subject military hospitals were discussed. Because of not being able to keep the diseased soldiers in and out of barracks and the need of transportation of the soldiers to designated places, hospitals were in urgent need. For this reason both for keeping under control of military and puplic health, the number of hospitals were increased and many hospitals were instrucred. İn the early terms of Ottoman Empire,military hospitals were only in designated places. Afterwards as a result of the increasing need to this hospitals, increasing of the number of this hospitals were observed in Ottoman territories. İn this direction, in Ottoman reform period, European doctors were invited for looking at the overall scheme of hospitals and doing reforms.Dr. Bernard was one of the invited doctors. This military’s health was also important during the times of peace as well as war. At the front, succes or failure goes on proportionally level with executing the logistic servives of corps. Accordingly, for troops, mobile hospitals were instructed places and doctors served. Also due to the rapid progress of epidemics, doctors were hold responsible for soldiers’ all health services even their drinking water control. Some hospitals which were at the places except Anatolia and in service between the years of 1876-1908 were mentioned.


Soldiers, Military, Hospital, Front, Health


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