Jewellery at Scythians

Author : Engin EROĞLU
Number of pages : 14-22


Scythians revealed some artifacts of steppe animal style which were special to Central Asia with the effect of nomadic lifestyle. The most beautiful examples of kurgan finds representing these works, make very obvious of Scythians indulgence into gold jewels. As a requirement of nomadic lifestyle of living in car – homes Scythians carried their belongings with them and never gave up this stuff even if they died. Thus, beside many kurgans that were prepared by the master goldsmiths for the life after death such as gold inlay or veneer weapons, harnesses which ornamented with gold reliefs, ceremony dresses which were covered with golden plates show that steppe people consider the golden as a status indicator. Excellent art works that were extracted from the kurgans of the upper layers of the community, now are exhibited in some museums. For example, Ukraine Historical Treasures Museum which is the part of Ukraine National History Museum incorporates the best examples of Scythian gold objects. From this point of view, we can understand that why are they called “goldsmiths of steppe”. Among the work sattributed to the Scythians, there were also art works made by Greek and Kiernan artisans.


Scythians, jewellery, steppe animal style, gold jewels.


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