The Life And Services of Necmettın Nursacan

Author : Hasan YAVUZER
Number of pages : 30-43


Nursacan is one of the few men that has dedicated his life to religious services was born in 1942 in Hacilar/ Kayseri. Nursacan that has been in the religious services over 50 years, has taken charge in every stages of religious services such as deputy preacher, imam, the manager of Kuran courses, preacher of the central, mufti of the province, and Vice President of Religious Affairs. Even though he has worked in different stages of work he is known for his preaching and guidance services, and is considered as one of the most important preachers. Having a successful period as a mufti, he not only has been contented with only religious services but also he has taken part in various activities especially social and cultural activities. With local and national television programs has found the opportunity to reach a wider audience. Nursacan, an intellectual religious man has put a portrait for the community with his life and services of a religious man.


Necmettin Nursacan, preacher, mufti, religious services, guidance, Kayseri


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