The Sources of Classical Islamic History and Its Importance in Terms of Iranian History of the Sassanids Period
Klasik İslam Tarihi Kaynaklarının Sâsânîler Dönemi İran Tarihi Açısından Önemi

Author : Ahmet ALTUNGÖK
Number of pages : 1-20


Sources of classical Islamic history are among the most important sources of Iranian history in the Sassanids period. Many of these sources had been written on the geography of Iran in the post-Islamic period. Therefore the mentioned books broadly included the Iranian history. For the Iranian history of the Sassanids period, these sources are generally assumed as secondary ones. However the source books on Sassanids period, are to be used as references, is the most important factor that makes these sources significant for the ancient Iranian history. Works in Pehlevi language that belong to Sassanids period were translated into Arabic in the post-Islamic term. Among the translated books such as hudâynâme, kârnâme, enzerznâme provide important information about the history and the state administration of Sassanids period. These books, preserved as they were and were delivered to the present day by translating into new Persian languages during the Sâmânî term. Apart from that classical Islamic sources, unlike the contemporary of its western ones, give so significant information of the last period of the Sassanids as they were destroyed by Islamic conquests. In this article the introduction about the books of the classical Islamic history of the Sassanids Period was made in order to provide an ease for the studies on the history of Sassanids period of İran. Volumes of these books related to the history of Sassanids and relevant pages of these volumes are also stated.


Sassanids, Iran, sources of classical Islamic history, hudâynâme, şâhnâme.

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