Films Adapted From Novel: An Investigation on Alexander Lernet Holenia's Novel Die Standarte with an Inter-Media Approach
Romandan Uyarlanan Filmler: Alexander Lernet Holenia’nın Die Standarte Adlı Eserinin Medyalararası Bir Yaklaşımla İncelenmesi

Author : Halit Üründü
Number of pages : 43-59


In this study, the novel Die Standarte by Austrian writer Alexander Lernet Holenia and another media tool, the film adaptation of it with the same name by Herbert Asmodi in 1977 were compared. This inter-media work consists of two main backbones, basic arguments about literature adaptation studies were put forwarded in the introduction part and theoretical information in the second part, From Literature to Film; the adaptation issue marks in Germany, has been addressed. In this section, shedding light on the historical development of adaptation films, it is revealed that how the literature and the film close and supportive are each other by using different communication codes. Considering that literary films are in a constant change and development from past to present, both media tools could have different features and the indicators they used are tried to be compared and mentioned. In the third part, From Literature to Film; Inter-media differences, by considering the issues due to the production stage and source of adaptations from the past to today, it has been examined that the language of the novel, which contains written texts, and the language of the film, which has audiovisual and visual elements, are different from each other. In the last section, the novel and the film named Die Standarte will be analyzed in the light of the theoretical approaches by giving examples from each of them, and the argument whether the adaptation film was left behind in the shadow of literature, novel or not is tried to be investigated by in-situ determinations. Based on the opinion that each media tool, both the novel and the movie, is a work of art, the question whether the adaptation is a literary interpretation of literature transferred to the film or not has been investigated with a distinctive template.


Inter-media, Adapted films, Austrian Literature, Alexander Lernet-Holenia, Die Standarte

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