Aksaray’ın İdari Taksimatı (1920-1927)

Number of pages : 130-153


Inhabitants are curious about the past and history of the city where they were borne and brought up. So they are very interested in the history of the place where they were borne. They always wonder about the history or the past of the city in which they were borne, when it was established, which civilization they stayed under and the administrative changes have undergone over the years. The subject of this article is related to the establishment of Aksaray as a town, one of the oldest town with its archaeological remnants reaching as far back as the Neolitic period. Since then Aksaray has witnessed many civilization. By the conquest of Seljuks Aksaray was ruled with governorship namely “vilayet”. Aksaray contiued this status to be vilayet under the Beylikler Dönemi. With the beginning of the Ottoman rule in this region the state of Aksaray changed, all the Karaman region was conquered and the many exile and settlement policies were fololowed by the Ottomans. The first administrative division was carried out by the Ottomans. According to it, it is observed that Aksaray was made a district of Niğde sub-province in the Konya Province. Although Aksaray was seen as sancak in some document belonging to the 19th century, it was indeed ruled to be the district of Niğde Sancak. As the people of Aksaray were not satisfied to be a district in Niğde sancak, they applied to the head of the province in the 19th and early 20th centuries to become a district beloning to the Konya sub-province. And this attempt gave no result and Aksaray continued to be the district of Niğde sancak until 1920. In this year Aksaray was made free sub-province and then in 1923 it became a province. As a province Aksaray was ruled until 1933. Aksaray was made a district again in 1933 and attached to the Niğde province.


Aksaray, Ottoman, Seljuks, Karamanoğlu, Admisitrative Division, Eyalet, Province, Sub-Province, District.

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