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In the late 19th century and early 20th century, backwardness and assimilation faced Turkish communities gave rise to a new intellectual movement called “Cedidçilik” which means innovation. According to followers of this movement, a lifestyle both appropriate for Turkish culture and modern must have been developed and told to their society. First steps had been taken with the foundation of Usul-i Cedid School by İsmail Gaspıralı in Bahçesaray. Later, this initiative had a broad repercussion in Turkish World. Thanks to intellectuals who were somehow informed of developments in Kırım, Kazan and Istanbul, Eastern Turkestan was one of the places affected by the new trend. They tried to implement what they had experienced in these places to their region. Founding printing house, publishing newspapers and also opening schools, they gave voice to the movement and lived up to it. The missionaries from Europe were also influential in the establishment and development of the printing house in East Turkestan. In 1912, they established the first printing press and printed religious books and brochures for different purposes. Due to the religious activity they made, the people uprised and confiscated the printing press. The first newspaper in eastern Turkestan was issued by Hacı Kutluk Şevki then it set a precedent for the newspapers issued later. He developed a printing press inspired by printing on fabrics and printed newspapers and books at this printing press. Then the newspaper was closed but continued to struggle by another publishing a new newspaper with another name. In this manifesto, schools and newspapers of innovation period of Eastern Turkestan and period’s itself will be discussed.

Uigur innovation movement, the Uigur Press, Yeni Hayat

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