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In the Roman and Byzantine Empire period, Nevsehir vicinity was one of the intersection points of important military and commercial roads. This characteristic of the region continued at the time of the Seljukids. Located on the Konya-Kayseri way of the Silk Road, the Nevsehir would constituted the central part of the Cappadocia conquered by the Seljuks. The caravan road from Iran to Konya, passing through Erzurum- Sivas- Kayseri- Aksaray, would the most active and important trade route in Anatolia The road that by caming from Aleppo-Elbistan and Sivas converged to Kayseri was the other important trade route. This route passing through Nevsehir extends to Konya and had gained great importance in the 12th and 13th century. Because of importance of the road many caravanserais were built on the route. At that time, name of the Nevsehir was called Muskara and there were important settlements around the city like Arapsun(Gülşehir), Ürgüp(Briküp) ve Avanos(Venesa). Sultan Alâeddin Keykubâd I. (1220-1237) embarked on construction activity in the region and built eighteen monuments in villages and districts. Among these monuments, Alâeddin Mosque and Zawiyah in Avanos holds an important place. One of the remarkable artifact also built by the Seljuks is the Sarıhan Caravansary. Additionally, there were another caravanserais like Doğala, Dolayhan, Ağızıkarahan, Tepesi Delikhan and Alayhan. Between these inns, Sarıhan is the last station of Silk Road to Kayseri via Aksaray. Sultan Alâeddin Keykubâd I. built Avanos. His son Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev II. also built Sarıhan. Because of the stones used in the construction of this inn called sarıhan, but real name of inn come from its constructive Sarapsalar (man looking at the taste of wine) Emir Fahreddin. This inn's income was given to Alâeddin Mosque and Zawiyah in Avanos. Saruhan also used in Ottoman period, inn deserted in time and finally wrecked becouse of trade route passes to Incesu from Urgup.

Sarıhan, Emir Fahreddin Han, Seljukids, Trade, Silk Road

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