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Sinop city has been one of the important cities throughout the ancient history of the Black Sea region. Its geographical location and structure has increased the value of the city. The fact that it was at the northern end of the Anatolian peninsula and in one of the central points of the Black Sea geography has brought the city to the fore in ancient history. As a port city, it was a place where commercial activity was experienced during this period. This port city, especially has become one of the stopovers of the south of the Black Sea of ships departing from other port cities of the north Black Sea. In Sinop, which was mentioned mostly by ancient historians and geographers as a Milet colony city, it is possible that the settlement would be taken from the Miletaries to much earlier periods. Sinop, who was interested by the tribes such as the Greeks and Persians, was the capital of the Pontus state and took an important role in the Mithradates Eupator's struggle against the Romans.

Sinop, Black Sea, Milet, Pontus,

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