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The origins of the Turkish Republic root back to old processes and the stages it has endured so far have been effective on its current status. As every ancient nation, Turks have had a long-established culture and they have been included in civilization circles in all periods. To be able to make progress in culture and civilization, the rulers of the Turkish nation has sometimes questioned their current levels and felt the urge to change the direction of their country. In this aspect, the history of the Turkish Republic is worth studying. In this article, we tried to analyze the historical basis of these civil and cultural changes, the reasons why Western Civilization was aimed and the upcoming results during and after the foundation of Turkey in terms of Atatürk and his revolutions. For this purpose, we started by mentioning the innovation movements which emerged after accepting the superiority of the West during the end of the Ottoman period and continued with explaining what culture and civilization is and the relationships between Western civilization, Turkish culture and the concept of nationalism. Later, we tried to paint a picture of how Mustafa Kemal’s intellectual basis has formed since his studentship years by mentioning the works of native and foreign writers which Mustafa Kemal had carefully read and analyzed. In our last chapter, we endeavored to study what the revolutions Atatürk made desiring to “rise above the contemporary civilizations” were in the frame of Western civilization, and how much this process has served through the eyes of famous sociologists and historians, and in our findings section, we tried to evaluate the outcomes of these studies and how far we have been able to Westernize.

Atatürk’s revolutions and West, Western civilization

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