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The relationship between Turkey and Greece has Always Been great importance in terms of Turkish foreign policy not during Atatürk Period, but also after Atatürk Period. Greeks who have rebelled and finally founded a state due to nationalist movements and provocations of Western States have always showed their desires about Megali idea (The Great Design) firt on Ottoman Empire, then on Turkish Republic. Therefore the period was consisting Greeks’ desire about implementing Megali idea comprises the times from after Atatürk to now. İn the İntroduction part of this article, its aimed at defining the relationship Greece and World War I and II and post-war era. Several problems between these two countries are still on today since the struggle philosophies of the countries. By the way, in this article the problems of the Aegean Sea which forms some of the problems of Greece-Turkey relations ara discussed. İn this article which has been devided into subtitles as FIR Boundary and Coastal waters in The Aegean Sea haw Greece has made strategical attempts in favor of its historical desire and it has been discussed in line with correct time and conditions to achieve its long term aims. In the conclusion part of this article it has been aimed at defining all those historical events and Turkey has been examined in terms of its geo-strategical position and finally between Turkey and Greece.

The Problem of Continental Shelf, FIR Boundary Problem, Coastal Waters Problem.

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