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This study deals with the diplomatic relations between the Huns and the Han Dynasty and the envoys mediating these relations. The relations between the Huns, considered to be one of the Turkish states in history, and the Han Dynasty, which is a Chinese state, were reflected in diplomacy and envoys. It is clear that sending envoys between states had a number of aims and consequences. For this reason, attitudes towards foreign envoys in the Huns were sometimes decided in the councils. The documents of the envoys in both Hun and Han states showed that their missions had been of an official nature. Therefore, these documents are instruments that reflect the power of the state they belong to. The selection and identity of the envoys, who were effective in matters such as recognition of a state by another state, peace treaties and threats of war, were also extremely important. It is understood that Hun and Han states looked for certain qualities in the envoys sent to each other. Apparently, the Huns paid attention to values such as nobility and title in the envoys visiting them, and also complied with certain rules of protocol in these relations, while expecting the envoys to comply with the same rules. It is understood that the political and military power of the states were the main determinants of the implementation or modification of these rules. As there were those with prominent features of spies and intelligence agents among the envoys sent between the Huns and the Han Dynasty for a variety of reasons, they were sometimes punished. It is observed that these envoys had been kept in custody or taken prisoner for many years or various criminal procedures such as exile had been exercised. Both states had paid utmost attention to not kill the envoys. Therefore, deaths of envoys were extremely rare.

Hun, Han, Envoy, Diplomacy, Politics.

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