Ibn Fadlan And Ibn Battuta Lived In The Different Centuries. They Have Similar Identifications About Turkish Culture
Farklı Yüzyıllarda Yaşamış İki Seyyah İbn Fadlan ve İbn Battuta'nın Türk Kültürüne Dair Benzer Tespitleri

Author : Nilay AĞIRNASLI
Number of pages : 196-208


Ibn Fadlan and Ibn Battuta lived in different centuries. They have as known as important travelers in the history. Ibn Fadlan was duty in the embassy delegations of the Abbasi caliph in that period. He went to İdil Bulgaria khanate and he explanied what he saw during the journey in his travelogue. On the other hand Ibn Battuta started his journey from Tanca which was a city of Morroccos where he was born. In his journey he taveled lots of countries such as Egypt, Arabian Peninsule,Iraq,Iranian,Anatolia,Cumanra,İstanbul,Middle Asia,India,Maldives and China and he explained what he saw in these countries in his travelogue. Both of them made important observations which were related to politicals social,economic and cultural differences between these regions. These two muslim travellers informed us very interesting and remarkable informations about people who were living in these regions.And also we can that they had similar and important observations about the life styles and cultural values of Turks. In the tenth century When Turks were important representative of the İslamic civilization,Ibn Fadlan went to Turkish countries .He mentioned that the Turks hospitality,generosity,modesty in his travalague.If we looked at Ibn Battuta's traveloge we can see same expressions about their hospitality,generosity,modesty and traditions. We think that ıt is extremely remarkable detail because these two people lived in different centuries .There is a 400 years time differences between them and we can see that their expressions in their traveloges are so similar. In this study we are taking advantage of the Turkish cultural history research works, we will mention that the similar thoughts and expressions of these two pilgrims about Turks.


Key Words: Cultural, traveler, travelogue, Anatolia, geography


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